Availability of easy information, far from making us equal, is only furthering the divide; not between the have and have-nots, but between those who can and cannot assimilate and analyze the information in time. Here again (like everywhere else) the common man is at a disadvantage. People with privileged access to information, fixing of opinions, markets and outcomes are always going to be at an unfair advantage .

Is there help at hand? Research shows how Information Markets or Prediction Markets are better in foreseeing outcomes of future events than any other source ... IndiaPredicts is India's answer to that need....a prediction market where you can bid on future events and win the appreciation of the Community. We are also working on making these bids tradable so that the community can punish those who degrade or doctor the accuracy of the market. Will it work without real money, you may ask...well, research says it does!! ... Read More about Prediction Markets

What we need to do is realize our collective potential in predicting future events..!!

So next time you need help in choosing the right candidate, entering or leaving a market , buying that new car or maybe just heads up on the odds before you make that friendly punt (no money please) on a game or a movie ... do check with the Community. Help us spread the word and let’s trade opinions and build India's first and only opinion exchange!!