Lok Sabha 2014 Election Event Rules

  1. Register on the website using your email or your Facebook account.
  2. Register on Event ( Lok Sabha 2014  ) for your free IPR's and eligibility to bid on events.
  3. The Lok Sabha 2014 event closes for bidding on 15th May, 11:30 PM  IST (a day before counting).
  4. 1500 IndiaPredict Rupees (IPR) are awarded to every new user (play money).
  5. More IPR may be awarded to all participants, however all participants (irespective of their date of registration) would have equal IPR alloted to ensure that nobody is disadvantaged.
  6. You can bid with the awarded IPR on different questions of the event, anytime from now untill event close.
  7. There is no sub limit on the amount one can bid and you can bid on one or all questions.
  8. A bid once put in cannot be unbid.
  9. Bonus IPR can also be earned in the following ways
    • 10 Bonus IPR on a successful referall through Facebook or email (points awarded only on first login of the refferred)
    • 100 Bonus IPR on one time submission of your Feedback form on the website
    • Bonus IPR can also be awarded for sending us Bug reports, interesting Questions or future events for coverage. Use the Get in Touch form for the same.
    • Bonus IPR cannot be used for bidding.
  10. Overall winners would be picked from multiple categories (to be announced based on response and sponsorship received by us ), however the main categories would be
    • Category 1 : Maximum returns based on bids from just the original awarded IPR ( ties to be resolved based on how early the bids were entered, so hurry in with your bids )
    • Category 2 : Maximum Bonus Points earned by 16th May (11:30 PM) IST (ties to be resolved based on total number of IPR)
  11. In case of an unlikely situation of ties not being able to resolve by above methods the same would be resolved by draws. The Decision of the IndiaPredict panel would be final and binding on all participants
  12. We may announce more interactions and winner categories on our Facebook page which can earn you Bonus or IPR  so give a Like on the IndiaPredicts facebook page to receive updates.
  13. You can use the site features either directly on the website or play using the IndiaPredicts facebook app.
  14. Winner(s) to be declared on/by 19th May (Monday).
  15. Any attempt to manipulate the results or spamming unknown invitees, or illegal use of the site will result in disqualification and deactivation/deletion of your account(s).