Question: What exactly is IndiaPredicts?


  • In the internet era, inspite of the information overload it is sometimes difficult to take decisions and form opinions.  Research indicates that collective wisdom, supported by social media platforms and online communities will be the future decision support tools. IndiaPredicts is a first of its kind online community in India to facilitate better decision making.   Read More

Question:  I have registered and want to participate in predicting an event, how do I go about?

Answer :

  • Check out the different events which are open for participation on the front page (side panel) or under the different categories Sports, Current Affairs etc.. Please do note that we are focussing on developing the platform and the concept, so we are/will be selective in the events we host initially.
  • Register on events which are open for participation and get your IP Rupees (IPRs your play money for bidding). Check on the My IPR link on the top right hand corner.
  • Use these IPR's to bid on the different critical questions on the event page with the objective of maximizing your returns.
  • For bidding on a question , click ogn the question and check the information and the current going rates in the Expected Outcomes section
  • For bidding click on the “bid X IPR to win upto Y IPR** “ of the option (Yes or No) you want to bid . You can change the amount of IPR (by default you are shown 5).
  • You can bid any amount and play as many different questions till the event closure.
  • Go to the Rules Page for reading the rules of the event

Question:  What are IPR and Bonus IPR?


  • For each event you get IPR for that event and they can be used for your bids. Your winnings will also be in that category. Bonus IPR’s are granted for inviting friends to register on the website (refer to front page Invite through email and facebook friends link) or for providing your feedback on the website or the event (details will be mentioned on the events page).

Question: Are there any prizes / incentives, if I participate?


  • Your participation is voluntary and we only allocate play money. As an incentive from our end, we have different sponsors sponsoring the different events.Prizes and categories will be mentioned on event or the event rules page.


Question:  What are Prediction Markets and how do they work ?


  • Prediction Markets are one of the most promising development in community decision making. In a prediction market/exchange users can bid/trade on outcomes of uncertain events (like a stock exchange) and this market based mechanism helps in accurately predicting (or giving you a likelihood ) future events and outcomes and thereby helping in decision making. IndiaPredicts is India’s very first prediction market for events in India or an Indian opion for events internationally Read More

Question:  How are Prediction Markets different from opinion polls?


  • Opinion Polls are great way to survey on future outcomes, however they are constrained (one vote per person) by not able to use the collective wisdom more usefully. With Opinion Polls you typically say what you want or will do, however with Prediction Markets you are able to say what you believe others will do and additional information can be very useful in making predictions.

Question: What’s the future of Indiapredicts.com?


  • We are still at early stages of developing the concept of Prediction Markets in India. The feedback and the results we have received for our first event (Lok Sabha 2014) have been very encouraging and is heping us in further developing the concept. We are grateful for the feedback and look forward to your continued patronage. We are hopeful for a full fledged release by the end of 2014 / early 2015.  We thank you for your participation and value all your inputs. You can provide your feedback or write to us on support@indiapredicts.com